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Promotionsunglasses is the starting point in your search for sunglasses with your company logo printed on the temples. We provide a quality product for a fair price.

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Create your own pair of promotion sunglasses. Use the order form to place an order and receive a quote for your order.

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2. Lenses

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3. Logo print

Op beide pootjes uw logo bedrukken.
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4. Quote

Price per piece:(1000-2500)1,30
Mirror lenses:0,30
Colours logo:0,00
Total per piece:1,40
Total order: 0,00
21% VAT: 0,00
Verzending: GRATIS
Total Incl. VAT: 0,00
*Delivery is 3-4 weeks after confirmation of the quote.

Leave your contact details and we will get back to you with a quote for your custom design as soon as possible


We proudly offer the lowest prices on the market. Check out our prices in the table below. Also with the STANDARD option you can choose from a transparent frame, and a glossy or matt finish.

AMOUNT STANDARD EXTRA's gratis-verzenden
Frame + Lenses logo's per colour mirror lenses
500-1000 pcs. € 1,30 + € 0,10 + € 0,30
1000-2500 pcs. € 1,20 + € 0,10 + € 0,30
2500-5000 pcs. € 1,20 + € 0,10 + € 0,30
5000+ pcs. € 1,00 + € 0,10 + € 0,30


By our customers

  • Reviews:

    PromotionSunglasses receives from her customers an average score of 9,1 out of 10 based on 43 reviews.

    Read 4 of the reviews here:

  • PromotionSunglasses - Reviewed by Bob F. on the .

    Good price and quality
    "For a nationalholidy we ordered a 1000 pairs of sunglasses at because the price was a lot lower than at other companies. The logo print looked very nice and the glasses themselves were very sturdy."
    - Review: 9/10 -

  • PromotionSunglasses - Reviewed by Yva V. on the .

    Trendy Sunglasses! We are a regular, and happy customer.
    For different events we ordered sunglasses with the festival emblem printed on the temples. Every time we were very satisfied with the result. The sunglasses stay intact longer than those of other parties that we’ve ordered from."
    - Review: 8,5/10 -

  • PromotionSunglasses - Reviewed by Tim A. on the .

    Once more next year! PromotionSunglasses provided us with a large batch of sunglasses for an event which we organize with our student rowing club. The order was delivered on time, and the sunglasses looked just like we had agreed. Also the personnel that helped us in the design stage was very friendly. PromotionSunglasses can help us again next year!"
    - Review: 10/10 -

  • PromotionSunglasses - Reviewed by Jeroen G. on the .

    No broken legs ☺
    " For our winter holiday in the French Alpes we ordered an amount of 500 sunglasses for the group at PromotionSunglasses. The sunglasses were of a high quality and not too expensive. On top of that it was nice that even after a faceplant in the snow, they didn’t break."
    - Review: 8,5/10 -


Our sunglasses are of the highest quality. The quality test in the video below shows the sturdiness and durability of our product.


These are some of our customers.

  • zonnebril geleverd voor roeivereniging
  • zonnebril geleverd voor roeivereniging
  • zonnebril geleverd voor roeivereniging

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question that is not listed below, feel free to contact us via the contact form at the bottom of this page. We will do our very best to reply you with an answer the same day.

Q1: Can you print two different logo's on both sides?

Of course! You can choose to have a different logo on each temple.

Q2: How long does it take for you to deliver?

The delivery time depends on the amount of customisation. We will always do our best to make delivery times as short as possible. Usually it will take us about four to five weeks to produce and ship to your front door.

Q3: How are the sunglasses packaged?

Every separate pair of sunglasses is wrapped in a resealable plastic bag, with a UV400 sticker on the lens. Individual packets are than packed per 25 in a cardboard box. Depending on the order size, the cardboard boxes are packed in one or more large boxes and shipped. Usually there will be a total of 500 pieces packed in a large box.

Q4: Could I receive a sample?

We would be happy to provide you with a sample. Please send us a request together with the shipping details and we will make sure you receive a sample to inspect.

Q5: Is there difference in the quality between the suppliers online?

The most promotional sunglasses you will find online break quickly because they are of poor quality. The legs fall of because the hinges break, or the lenses fall out because the frame breaks. Ours are of a sturdier material and are therefore more durable. Check the quality video above to discover what our sunglasses can withstand.

Q6: Can I order different frame colors in one order of minimal 500 pieces?

Yes, you can. We can produce different frame colours per 100 pieces. So als long as you order a total of 500 pieces or more than with the same print then we can deliver batches of 100 pieces per frame colour.

Q7: What type of frames do you have?

For now we online provide the traditional Wayfarer frame design. In the future we will probably expand to a selection of more designs. If you are looking for a specific model, let us know and we might be able to help you.

Q8: Are there any extra costs that I should take into account?

No, the only costs are those per pair of sunglasses specified in the quote. We will pay for the shipment and any other overhead costs. So you will not be surprised by any additional costs afterwards.


Request a custom quote!

We deliver custom sunglasses for any client? Do you have a request for sunglasses with options outside of the configurator? Let us know and we will provide you with a custom quote. We will even make a visual design so you can confirm that everything is according to your wishes. Tell us your custom order today!

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